Why This Blog?

Starting from January I am planning to quit my day job as a Retention Officer in Telecom #1 – Airtel. Reason for quitting? I am planning to continue my studies full time. That brings me another worry; will I have to downgrade my lifestyle? Will I have to depend on my family? I am determined not to be tied down to a lower life style or live at the expense of my family. This determination made to think about opportunities to make money.

I started off thinking about my assets. I have a internet connection, I can spend time online. I am fairly good at researching the net. I love reading and sharing my knowledge. Above all, I used to be a freelance web designer. What can I do to sell myself and make some money to live life the way I want to ? This was my thinking point the last few days.

This blog will be my diary of events as I try and experiment to make some money on the net. Join me as I try to make some money and in turn help you make some.

Updated on 19 Feb, 2007:  I have not quit my day job as of now, I have not really decided when to do that now, but it will be soon, since I want to concentrate on my studies, blog, and my life online 🙂

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