Will the iPad be ‘StillBorn’?

Notion Ink Adam India The most expected product launch of recent years by Apple was definitely the iPad. Those following various tech blogs of the sphere would have heard at least one rumour of the much anticipated device. But when Steve Jobs announced it last month, the reaction could be pretty much summerized as Ooh! Ooh! Oh.

But this post is not about the iPad, but about the ambitious Indian startup called Notion Ink and its product Adam. The touted iPad killer impressed me a lot personally and it definitely seems to be one of those devices I would be looking at if I was to ditch my laptop and embrace touch.

Watch the video and read the link to see what I am talking about:

MWC 2010: Why is Notion Ink’s Adam an iPad Killer?

What do you think about this nifty device? Yay or Nay?

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