Withdraw Money from Paypal for Indians

Last week I got my paypal money deposited to my bank account. Time to celebrate 😈

It was a fairly simple procedure since I used my Xoom account to transfer the funds to my bank. Xoom is a online fund transfer service much like PayPal or Western Union Money Transfer and others. They specialize in India and do direct deposit to your bank account. I first sent myself the money to my bank account and paid with my Paypal account. The money was deposited to my account in 2 days flat. I was really impressed with the level of service and would really recommend them to anyone! The withdrawal fee structure is a bit on the higher side compared to paypal, but is justified with the speed of the transaction.

Initially I feared that it will take about 45 days for the paypal check to reach me which is a wait too long. But Xoom is a wonderful service that has really saved my day. So in case any of you are looking to bring in money from paypal to your bank account, give Xoom a try while I decide on how to spend the money. :mrgreen:

  1. Hi Shiva,

    Usually through Xoom , they take about 8$ for the trasaction. But it will be cheaper if you withdraw after the 700$ mark, its about 2-5$. But @ 8$ you get top notch service and the money is deposited to the bank right in 48hrs. I highly recommend them.

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