WordPress 2.2 Updated & 5 Feature Requests

I have finally updated my blog to the latest version of my favourite blogging platform – WordPress. I really hate updating this though, since it involves a lot of work, like all other lazy people, I would love a one-click update feature. 👿

And I have a lot of feature requests too, I want my dashboard to be completely customizable and powered by AJAX or something for all those drag and drop functionality. Here is some of the feature requests I have:

  • Dashboard can be more functional with an option to see how many comments are in moderation now, to see the comments preview, reply to comments from dashboard and the like.
  • The Admin panel links should be easy to access with mouse over features, the plugins I tried were functional but out of place.
  • The dashboard contents should be fillable with feeds from sites of our interest.
  • Plugins should be able to display of you are using the latest version or not.
  • Being a statistic freak, I prefer to see my site traffic status on the dashboard itself.

So here it is, my 5 feature requests for the next version of WordPress. Anyone listening? And the new wordpress has many fixes and other things, but I am not able to see anything largely different other than being a bit more faster than earlier.

  1. What I would like to see on WP is a feature that allows to arrange the meta data of a post just like sidebars. For example, there are many data available: date, author, custom fields, etc.. It would be much easier if this would be changable via post-widgets.

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