WordPress Themes for Free Backlinks

I was experimenting with wordpress themes for testing them for providing a viable backlink source for my site. I recently uploaded my theme to wordpress and received more then 100 downloads in the first two or three days. This was simply excellent considering that it was my first theme and possibly my last one too!

My technorati authority jumped about 60 points and the rankings by about 40k upwards. But about the quality of links, I am not very happy since most of these blogs were brand new and some were even in foreign languages! I did see a PR3 and a few links of that levels coming in.

The result? I am overall happy for my technorati ratings increase and hope it helps in the coming PageRank update also. So if you want to increase your technorati power, forget fave exchanges and all those types. Sponsor a theme, or make one. This will put your blog’s link on the footer of all the blogs forever for free! 🙂 What was your recent venture for increasing your backlinks? Directory submissions? Paid Listings? Spamming other blogs? 😀 How far did it take you forward?