Yahoo! Mail Beta Advanced Search – More Options!

Here are a few more options to search for what you want in the new Yahoo! Mail Beta. This is a follow up post to my earlier post about advanced search in the new Yahoo! Mail.

Attachment file types

Example: Search for jpeg attachments.


Attachment file types, not from certain senders

Example: Search for jpeg attachments that aren’t from Sally.

attachmenttype:jpg -from:Sally
attachmenttype:(file type)(space)(hyphen)from:person

You’re telling Yahoo! Mail to search for .jpg attachments, minus any
from Sally.

Attachments with specific words in attachment name

Example: Search for an attachment with ‘Rafting’ in the attachment name.


A certain category of file, in a certain type of application

Example: Find any resumes in your Mailbox that are attached as a .tif.

resume attachmenttype:tif
(file genre)(space)attachmenttype:(application)

Find a type of attachment linked to a message containing a search term

Example: Find all messages containing the word you’re searching for –
e.g. ‘lettuce’ that also have an mpeg movie attached.

lettuce attachmenttype:mpeg
(search term)(space)attachmenttype:(file type)

Find messages with a certain number of attachments

Example: Find all messages in your Mailbox that have more than three

attachmentcount 3
attachmentcount (greater-than sign) (number)

Of course, you could also search for messages with less than a certain
number of attachments, too. This requires that you recall the less-than
sign. And if you have a specific number of attachments you’re looking
for, such as four, you could type attachmentcount=4. That is:

Find attachments in a certain language

Want to find messages with attachments in Italian?


Here are some other language abbreviations:
” Chinese: cn
” French: fr
” German: de
” Indian: in
” Japanese: jp
” Korean: kr
” Spanish: es

Using these tips you can search for what you want on the new interface of the yahoo mail. Do share in your comments on this. I think its pain to remember these keywords all the time!

Also has anyone noticed? Hotmail is kind of faster than before. I might as well switch to them! What email do you use and why?

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