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I just noticed. The all new fresh and cool Yahoo! Web Messenger.I never really used it except for a few times some years back. I was a faithful user of Trillian, then switched to MSN Messenger when the inter-chat between Yahoo! and MSN was announced, mainly cause I was lazy to download the Yahoo! Messenger or Trillian. MSN came built-in with my XP. But then, being biased with Yahoo! I returned to their desktop client soon. But recently I logged into their Web based Messenger and I was shocked! It looks so AWESOME!

yahooim1.JPG yahooim2.JPG yahooim3.JPG

If this is a teaser for their proposed IM and Email integration, I am loving it and can’t wait for it to launch! There have been debates as to which is the best mail client between yahoo, MSN and Gmail. Personally Yahoo! rocks. And I really wish the MS and Yahoo! deal do not make it, ever. They have completely different interests. I think it will be better if they form a partnership of sorts, with a new brand name or something, just to attack the current leader – Google. What do you think?

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