Your chance to Own the Internet

My ideology is simple; you should be rewarded for your efforts, how much ever big or small.

Look around the World Wide Web, one either has to own and MAINTAIN a community with a large number of users or have plenty to original content to attract internet users to earn and generate a decent income as pocket money or as a means of livelihood.

Who is making all the money now? Look around again, you will see that the big players like Google, MySpace, eBay, Orkut, Hi5 etc. They have something you and I lack, content and community.

The internet today is a massive advertisement media. There is loads of money spent and earned each time you see an advertisement, each time you make an online purchase. Each time there is revenue being generated by big players in BIG $$$ that is currently earned by a small pack of players who own those really big websites and content. The ultimate point is you don’t see a penny of those HUGE MONEY which is being spent for you.

All this is set to change if all goes well in the revolution that has begun. It will create a new virtual world order that will enable users to gain amazing value for something that they have been doing since the advent of the internet – Browsing.

There is a company out there that was started by a few guys with Stanford MBA’s and a few other individuals who started a web site called “AllAdvantage”. AllAdvantage gave over 100 million dollars to it’s members back in 1998. Though it got sucked up in the depression of the internet world in 2000-01, its ideas and lessons were never forgotten.

Now after 6 years, the same group of people are out with their latest offering – Agloco. They still believe in the same thing. They feel that the Members should share the value they generate for the company.

I own The Internet


The company is called AGLOCO (short for A Global Community) and their company motto is “Own the Internet”. AGLOCO thinks you deserve a piece of the action. AGLOCO is a growing global community of internet users whose active members can get paid for their online activity.

The more people that join AGLOCO, the more revenue the community can generate for itself and it’s members. AGLOCO says that massive web site companies can afford to pay AGLOCO what they pay Google. With AGLOCO, they will be paying YOUR, (yea its your own) company, not some internet mogul.

AGLOCO and your money…

AGLOCO’s only objective is to get it’s treasured members their share of the value created on the internet. That’s everything from search and advertising revenue to user-generated content sites.

AGLOCO’s members will earn ownership in the company in the form of shares and will then begin earning substantial amounts of money if this web site blows up. AGLOCO believes that a member that actually owns part of the community has more incentive to promote it and to continually improve it. There is nothing to buy, nothing to subscribe to.

In the future, AGLOCO plans to go public with it’s stock which will be traded on the London Stock Exchange. Basically, you’ll be getting back some of the money you generate for various web site’s just by surfing the net as you normally do.

Remember, the company is 100% owned by the members, so they will put the cash to work to best reward the members (shareholders) of the company. AGLOCO members will collect some of the money that usually passed between companies. After all, we’re the ones that generated it, right?

AGLOCO member details

Members will NEVER have to pay anything, nor will they have to give up their personal information. (except for payment information) All you have to do is sign up and download the viewbar when it’s available.

You can also earn more shares by referring more active users to AGLOCO. All they have to do is sign up and download the viewbar. It’s that simple. Members who use the referral system to help build the AGLOCO network will earn more than members who just follow their daily internet routines when browsing the web. They even provide a referral calculator to calculate your potential earnings!

Why should you join AGLOCO?

Membership is absolutely free, plus the fact that it’s super easy. Sign up, download the toolbar and that’s it. If your not completely sure about AGLOCO then just browse the web with the viewbar installed one or two days out of the week. If it doesn’t do anything for you then uninstall it, just remember that just by having that little toolbar installed you are a link in a chain that is making money for themselves. I hope you can you see that there are no losers here?

Right now AGLOCO is at an early stage of building a new form of an “online community” that they call an Economic Network. They’re building a community that will generate the kind of fortune that YouTube generates. They’re doing all this by simply paying their members fairly. Instead of that wealth making only a few people rich, the entire community will get it’s fair share.

If you are like me then you have dedicated a lot of your time to different web sites in hopes of receiving what they initially promised, a steady source of revenue for our efforts.

AGLOCO gets stronger as it gets bigger. With more members and stronger cash flows, the profits that the members share in increase – and this draws in more users and hence stronger cash flows. The incentive to join early and tell many friends is big, as early members who help build the network stand to benefit the most. This community was launched only as early as 3 weeks ago. I have a strong feeling that this can be the golden goose in the fables.

The view bar is almost ready for release. I read in the official blog that it will be released this Saturday. That means that you can be one of the pioneer members of this web site. Revenue generated from referrals will be huge for these members who help build the network.

To take a closer look or sign up use the link below:

Agloco Sign-Up

I will keep you posted on the developments in Agloco, in the mean time I suggest you join Agloco and start building your network today and be ready to – “Get your share of the Internet” .

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