YouTube Users: Get a sniff of Money!

YouTube is now following the trends of a internet economic network like the Agloco, Revver and others. Its founder Chad Hurley, announced at the World Economic Forum in Davos on Friday that it is considering sharing its revenue with its users. This could mean a lot for the users of the most popular video sharing site on the internet.

Hurly did not go into much detail about the proposed revenue sharing model, he only gave vague hints that the system would be rolled out “in a few months”. He also adds that YouTube did not offer revenue for its users in the beginning as it would hurt the motive of the company to create a community of “video lovers”. It makes perfect sense not to monetize a idea in the beginning, as it would make the users to be more money oriented than be content oriented.

Is this a death-blow to the famous video monetization site, Revver? The YouTube community is so mighty that it leaves much little chance to other contenders!

Are you a part of Youtube yet?

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It bothers me that I have to go. . .

It bothers me that I have to go. . .