$27.93 Giveaway Set 1

The promotion is going strong and as I promised, here are the first set of participants for the contest. If you are unaware, TheAnand is giving away $27.93 in a linkback contest. Besides the chance to win, you get a free from my blog too. Though the PR is not very decent, but the other rankings are good πŸ™‚ So people, keep them coming! and others, drop by these blogs and who knows what you will find?

  • Jaxim has a blog which notes all the contest from blogosphere. It is a good resource for all those people who are looking for cool contests to enter! The latest one to include is a $2500 prize money!
  • Andreas Bard. To be fair, I have to accept this as another entry, even though the money I am giving away was won from him! He has a very useful post regarding handling failures.
  • Greg Stratz is another entrant who has been linking to TheAnand for some time now. He has a nice forum running successfully, mmmTalk.com which has cool contests running for some pen drives and stuff.

These are the entries I have got so far, if I missed any, let me know. The last date for entering the contest is by the end of the month, so keep them coming quick!

The new theme is now available for download at WordPress Themes site and already received a good response from the community. This has inspired me to take up wordpress theme creation as a full time hobby. Not for the sponsored link sales, but for backlinks that it will give my blog.

  1. I think WP theme creation is an excellent way to achieve that goal. I wouldn’t mind doing it myself, except that installing plug-ins seems to be a challenge for me. Oh well.

  2. he he Anand, you do not need to add me to the contest. Well, if i would win you and I can host another contest 😈 ha ha

    Thanks for the link back buddy!

    // Andreas

  3. @ Wai – Join in and you sure have a chance!

    @ Blogrrl – I am sure about that, my technorati rankings have been soaring the past week.

    @ Andreas – haha…then the prize money will go to paypal as their transaction fees ! πŸ˜†

    @ Linky Love – Have a look at the first post where I anounced the contest. I am giving away what I won! 😎

  4. @LL – you dont unless you learn CSS and PHP. :p

    Just google up Small potato’s wordpress tutorial – that might help πŸ˜€

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