32 SEO Tips You Never Knew!

Taking off from my previous post about 32 SEO tips you never know about search engine optimization, I continue. Hope you find them useful and do remember to add in those I have missed at the comments.

15. Use a robots.txt to tell the bots. Though bots have been having better brains now than they had in the 90s, they still need to be told where to go and where not to 🙂

16. Whoever told you that reciprocal links, blogroll exchanges and tag memes and webrings still get you better on SERPS, seriously has a sense of humour.

17. Do not use too much of online PR checkers, backlink pingers or any other tools too much to the extent that sites start ignoring your site as spam.

18. Installing software on your visitors sites with zango, mango or whatever will not help tango with google 😉

19. Buying or selling links on your site with the intent of search results manipulation is not a good idea.

20. I have acctually noticed that having a disclaimer, a privacy policy and a about page does help in SEO.

21. Have a linking strategy. Linking to high authority sites “might be” a good idea.

22. A friend of mine is currently using a SEO company which gives them first page ranking for a highly competitive phrase. And that site has a Yahoo! Backlink count of 19. Go figure. Choose your SEO wisely.

23. Better never hire an search engine specialist, it is so easy that you can actually do it! Save your bucks for the Social Media Expert!

More tips coming soon in another post. Yet again, stay tuned!

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