5 Steps to New Niche Ideas

Today you are going to read about one of my top secret tools – The Google Insights and how I use it to find new niches to dominate. Google being one of the biggest search players, it is important to follow up and use every Google Keyword tool to research your niche. I have been using Google Insights for about 6-12 months now and it is definitely a great way to micro-target keywords and their trends. Also, recently I started using them to get ideas for new niches to target as I am getting out of niches to dominate!

Do remember that this tool, like the Google trends is in beta and can be buggy, so take the data with a pinch of salt. So, how do you use Google Insights?

Step 1: Start I am out looking for a new niche to enter. I visit Google Insights.

Step 2: So, what is on my mind today? I know for a fact that people are spending a lot on their passtimes and recreations. Me for instance, spend quite a bit on fuel when I am out riding my motorbike. But wait, recession? What recession? 🙂 Lets see what recreations are hot. I normally target the audience in the United States because that is where advertisers are. That is where people are buying online. Hence the right recipe for a internet marketer.


And you get the following result


Step 3: Pick up niche. So you get a list of recreations hot in the United States in the last 12 months. Seems like the recreation industry was down the whole year and has only started to pick up. Hmm, end of recession? So, fishing seems to be a interesting place to be in. Using the Google News for a quick search reveals that fishing season is about to begin with the summer coming. Good place to be!

Step 4: Drilling down. I always loved the Keyword Sniper method by Courtney Tuttle. Too bad most of his resources are no longer available online. I always target micro niches than the whole niche in general. For example, “SEO in Cochin” is better than “SEO”. Using the Insights on our new keyword “fishing” I get the following keywords:


Step 5: Start working! Now I can either create a whole site based on the above keywords further using my keyword tools or find a few products on Amazon and promote it on adwords to make some sales.

But yes, I am yet to do keyword competition research on this list. I am yet to see if there are any advertisers for these keywords, I am yet to see a lot of things which goes into the making of a successful niche site. But if you are stuck about starting off with a niche site, you have these tips to start off!

Do let me know if you have any queires in the comments! I am glad to help out!

  1. Hey,

    Wow, that was something, hopefully more $$88’s would be born soon. 😛

    Are you going to do a series of posts related to this? If so may I recommend the Serial Posts Plugin. Its a simple one, it uses a custom field to identify posts. All posts with the same custom field goes into the same series. Any such series is possible.

    I have been using it on my WordPress Optimization Series. Have a look for a demo. 🙂

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