5 Things Bloggers Can learn from a Pencil

pencilThe other day I was pondering with the pencil in my hand. What can we bloggers learn from a pencil? Here are a few things we can learn from the humble pencil.

1. The lead inside matters more than the wood outside.

You might have the best of designs on your blog, but if you have crappy content rehashed from elsewhere, or post infrequently and post without a purpose or a meaning. Visitors can start with a “Awww…” with your terrific blog design and end it with a “….Sheit!!!” seeing your content. 🙂

2. Pencil can leave a mark.

The pencil can leave a mark anywhere you want it to. We should aim to leave a mark on our readers mind. Our content should be compelling enough to invoke questions on your visitors.Your posts must leave a mark on the visitors if you want them to return.

3. It has a eraser attached to it.

Everyone makes mistakes, not many have the thing in them to clean the mess they create. If you made a mistake, own it up, rectify it and learn your lesson than sit and sulk.

4. It needs a sharpener to write smooth.

This sharpener is the experience you gain as your blog grows from infancy to maturity. It refines your skills, making it smooth and easy on the paper. The writing by a well sharpened blog is smooth, sharp and a delight to read.

5. And Finally it needs a hand to hold it.

No pencil can ever be used without a hand. In a blog, it is impossible to keep blogging if there is no one to read your blog! We all need a hand to hold us and help us do our thing. Audience are the most important part of a blog.

Share your thoughts in the comments below! Looking forward to what you have to say about my tryst with the pencil and what you think about blogging. 🙂

  1. This is an awesome post.
    I’m new to blogging and this is very thought provoking.
    Did you write that yourself or find it somewhere on the internet?

  2. I must admit, I heard about the pencil and life comparison on TV that morning 😉 And I put the same onto blogging. Glad I was able to provoke your thoughts. Thanks for dropping your thoughts Adam.

  3. There is one form of pencil which doesn’t need sharpener- it comes with a set of small sharp edges which are held in a row-after one wears out, pull it out and insert at back of the pencil.. the next sharp one comes in its position…

    also some pen like pencils do not need sharpeners… Nothing to compare with bloggers, but these two types of pencils were very famous during my school days…

  4. @Nomar:
    People still use pencils I guess, A piece of paper and pencil is the best way to churn out ideas 🙂

    @Anand: Good things comeout when you are sad or happy, you were sad when your wrote this..? 😛

  5. I love this analogy! I agree with all of your points.

    I’ve owned all kinds of pencils and what is on the outside doesn’t indicate what is on the inside that’s for sure. A very pretty pencil doesn’t always write well. And some of the cheaper pencils have such bad erasers so you rip up your page when you try to rub things out!

    The latter translates to blogging quite well. Many people try to do things the cheap and easy way, barely putting anything into their blog and expecting great results and then making an utter mess as they try to re-arrange things on their site figuring they just have to be more salesy and use more cheap tricks to get good results.

    Thanks for this post and for visiting my site earlier too. I am really happy when someone who comments on my blog has great stuff on their site! 🙂

  6. Glad you liked it Lillea 🙂 I guess we bloggers feel really happy about comments all the time…its like an encouragement to keep blogging 🙂

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