5 Tips To Build Your Online Personal Brand


My startup was recently approached by another small business with a very energetic man on top. They wanted to know how they manage their brand online as a company. We decided to go with the Personal Branding route as their CEO was a known personality with the number of conferences he had been to and the number of online relationships he had with his friends and collegues from his previous work experience.

Here are a few tips I provided him to get started with his own personal branding online.

  1. Blogging – Goes without saying. A 80/20 rule applys here. 80% of the posts posts will concentrate on his professional expertise and the rest will be your personal posts of vacations or rants about bad service providers.
  2. Guest Blogging – This is the best way to approach new communities which will appreciate value and insight and probably hop on to your site to know more about him and his company.
  3. Twitter – Another important tool to let people know you more personally and upclose. A twitter account without activity is not going to help. It needs constant interaction with your friends, people in your industry and advice to those looking for help in your area of expertise.
  4. Business and Social Media Networking – This advice was a no-brainer and already done well by the client. He was in major networks like LinkedIn and Plaxo. All he needed was a bit of polishing them to display his best to the world. He just had to grab that facebook vanity URL and he was good to go!
  5. Presentations and Videos – This is under estimated by a lot of people. If you are the kind of person who goes out on stage and present your knowledge to an audience. Don’t you think you can share it with the whole world with presentations shared online via Slideshare or Scribd? Also, our client was a person with an awesome mobile video camera and he was constantly recording interesting moments in his life. Hence we suggest Youtube and Vimeo where he can put up his videos.

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