Advantages of Online Press Releases


There are a ton of advantages to go online with your press meets and Press releases. I have been a part of at least 5 press meets this year and personally, I think its a waste of time for everyone involved. We see a turn-up of around 10-15 people who do not interact with us or have any interest in what we publish and in the end, only 2-3 companies cover it online with the usual spelling mistakes and factual mistakes.
I am all game to take these Press Releases online and it is virtually used and abused to a great extent by smart marketers who use it to constantly generate buzz around their own websites.

So you ask,  what are the advantages of taking your Press Releases Online?

  • Increase your visibility Online – Get picked up by the top new traffic sources like Google, Yahoo! and MSN. Use it to get keywords and source credits from those who reuse the news.
  • Build Brand visibility and Buzz – Increase your visibility online by embedding graphics like photos and videos and even RSS to make your press release worthy and informative.
  • Drive Qualified and targeted Traffic to your site – Build on your buzz generation abilities and bring in targeted audience who are searching for your services and products and are generally interested in your industry.
  • Track-bility and and Measurability – How can I put this in the end?! This is like the root of all operations online. You can carefully analyze what your industry wants and this is great invisible feedback that most companies miss out by a mile.

Have you ever done a online press release? Do let me know your input in the comments!

  1. Yet to do an Online press release, but have read many and have reached upon many while Googling (point).

    If it’s anything related to web/technology press meets on ground may not do any good for you. As you know, the thing is simple: the people who hear us should understand what we are saying.

    Online it works out because it is read by people who searches for it or are interested in it.

    (BTW, strange to see an entire post centre aligned)

    1. @aravind – exactly. Its like feeding the hungry baby than be stuffing one who is not!

      @bobit – Yea, there are more than a 100 PR sites, prweb is definitly one amongst them.

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