AGloCo – Scam? Top 10 Points to Ponder

It is pretty evident that I support AGloCo in all its glory and have been pretty active in trying to grow the “community” before the Viewbar is actually released and some money made. I was very exited about the program and stuff, but I am beginning to get concerned about the delay in Viewbar release which has been pending some for sometime too much now. Their initial promise was that the viewbar will be released within the 2nd-16th April time frame. But all they can come up with yesterday is a lame “Being a Mac user….” excuse.I joined them sometime in early December, days after their launch. I have not built a massive refferal base like John Chow, but I have a modest 18 till date.

I am beginning to suspect this to be a masterminded money making scam of some sort. They do have a reputation and a past history of paying out money to its members. They must have had thousands of referrals till date and it is still growing. I think most initial referrals are not very active these days in recruiting members under them due to the delay in the viewbar. I had joined this program without really giving it a thought and started promoting them in some hope of making mony with it.
But I think its time to look into the whole thing again.

Agloco – A look inside.

  1. They have a really nice soothing green site with lots of “We protect your privacy” words all over them.
  2. They have a website that has 2006 copyright. Lame? Overlooked?
  3. Company blog is seldom comment answered by Brian. Not very soothing.
  4. They have a Partners page that has “still under negotiation with..” crap. If they are nearing launch, they should be celebrating new partnerships at this time to inspire more referrals
  5. They have a link to the company blog that was on blogspot? What sort of company would want their blog there?
  6. The company says that they are open and all that, but can you give me the address of their REAL BRICK & MORTAR Office? All we have to get in touch with them is a measly support address WTF!
  7. What sort of company leaves its TLDs to other people? .org, .net, .biz and everything else is registered by other members.
  8. Why can’t the company actually give us a date of the Viewbar launch? They say that the software is beta testing, but it can’t “talk” properly? The screenshot they provide looks pretty all done. But it has been that way for more than 5 months or more.
  9. I can’t find much papers on Hong Kong cyber laws on the internet. They say they are governed by laws in Hong Kong and all that. Is it because Hong Kong Cyber Laws are easier on cyber criminals?
  10. The signs of delaying things is definitely signs of a scam if you ask me. They are on the verge of releasing the viewbar and they are yet to tell us the fine print of the program.

I am beginning to get a little concerned here. I am not very sure if this is a legitimate money making program, but I am not sure if this is a scam as well. There are some really small points (points 1 to 5) and some bigger points(6-10). I am currently thinking of stopping promoting them in a big way, which anyways I never did, except for the banner on the right. What do you think about these points? If you got more, do share them. Hope everything turns out well as hoped and some real money is made through them.

Update (May 30th): Err…where is the Agloco viewbar? I am beginning to believe this is another of those scams again

  1. agloco is full-on scam. don’t trust it at all. i’ve been a member for a long time and their ‘beta’ viewbar’ has been in development for ages.

  2. Guys, I think you also believe making money is about hard work.
    Basically nobody give free money. In term of internet money, all of them is just “cent monies”, not going to make you a millionaires.

  3. Their payment details came out recently, the period of 10 years to receive your payment is simply not happening. I think I better review Agloco as a SCAM and close the issue.

    Out of curiosity, how many of you are still using the scam-bar? 😆

  4. @ Sandy,

    I have some interested posts in my blog about making money online with zero or little investment and no money. Please use the search feature to browse about the site and find them 😉


    I think Im-Myth is a scam too 🙂 They promise stuff that is too good to be true. And my internet experience says if its too good to be true, it probably isn’t 😀 but not to be prejudiced, let me know when you get paid so that I can recommend it to everyone!

    @ wishingwell

    Well, if Agloco is not a scam, how have made money with it? So true that Agloco is free, but the time I or others invested in it getting refferals and stuff is not. So, whats your definition of not being a scam?

  5. Agloco is just a regular business. When you open a shop, let us say a restaurant, the first years won’t be profitable and will be operating at a loss in the beginning. As your business gains momentum, then profit starts coming maybe 2 or three years later. Try applying for a loan in a bank. They will give you an allowance of 2 years to be profitable. So why should you declare earnings when you are still losing? That would be suicide. That is what happened to AllAdvantage.

    Remember that Microsoft was incorporated in 1981 and only declared its first dividens in 2003. Google started its IPO in 2004 and has not declare any dividends yet. The business that usually gives dividends right away are the Ponzi and pyramid schemes because you get your earnings from the suckers who join under you.

    If you think you were scammed by Agloco since you spent on getting referrals, then it is your fault. You should not pay anything to get referrals. Agloco did not receive the money you spent on referrals.

    Go get a dictionary and look for the definition of scam.

  6. wishing well think u need to get ur head checked first. Agloco is an outright waste of time, it cant be defined as a scam just coz it does not cost to join, well who is going to to give back the time spent on referrals? Not you! Who d hell says agloco is still genuine is an outright fool. Agloco never met its deadlines, they promised, they lied, they never posted abt 10 year plan and at last they shocked everyone by doing that, we are not owners, its just BS and even if is not a scam according to the dictionary it is a bloody big time waste and if u wish u can continue with it, I dont think most of us are. As for the coffee shop example u gave, big deal here we dont know who is making the coffee, nor do we know how and when wil be paid, I bet u wil be the first one ro run apart if u dnt know how much u will be paid in a coffee shop, u dnt know whos making the coffee or the owner tells u, “Hey dude I invested so much, so I cant pay u before I profit out! Imaoooooo!!!!!!!” or ” I wil pay ur salary over a period of 10 years” So when ur comparing with a coffee shop I think u need to mention everything rather than just d bright side, it seems u knw nothing abt internet and making money.
    As for the pyramid schemes, all networking schemes are not pyramid, n some have very gud products too, u clal them bad but ppl r making lot of money frm d good ones n no one has been paid a cent yet frm the useless agloco that wy Id prefer some good networking scheme, if they pay well and I am into one already which is going to rock the world

  7. 10 years is a tad too long a time in the current pace of the world….with people even predicting that Internet will be replaced with something more secure and stuff…lol.

    If they can promise some amount of return you will get, I think people might be interested…..but some 30 cents in 10 years is simply not my idea of making money online.

    . . . . .but a member owned money making program is an interesting concept though.

  8. Agloco is a scam – THEY (the developers & tech team) made money out of the ads we surfed. They even had sign up to their shady venture, then disappered off the radar probably as they received their first cheque from so it WAS a scam, they made money off our searches, but WE were promised that money. OK it was free to join, but this still makes it a scam.

  9. Well, it seems I am the only one here who still hope, Agloco can survive.
    Yes, I am dissapointed as youare. yes, I am also angry as you are.
    I also spent a lot of time (and lucky no money) to promote Agloco.
    But, we do not have any proofr yet, that Agloco is dead? OK, security expired. But, we are still acumulating hours.
    yes, it can happen, that Aglo Team will keep this money , earned with
    All the time they are telling us, that tehy will begin topay, when casflow willbe positive.
    When they posted , that they should pay us in 10 years for first 3 months, we were dissapointed -of cause. I deidn’t expected and i do not want their ‘gift’ – as they were saying. I think, that Brian was very angry about this as he didn’t know, what others suggested (about this 10 years payout).

    Yes, Agloco can fail, but didn’t fail yet. Agloco is not scam , can not be as we didn’t have to pay. SOme are saying : time is money and by this definition we piad. I do not agree with this logic. A lot of owners of blogs earned ‘with a help of Agloco’ a lot or just a some money. And a lot of members made contacts with others and were promoting other buisinesses on agloco blog – for free (me too).

    Sorry, Aglocos , if I am still Agloco fan. I will post Agloco Top NAI tomorrow and I hope, not the last one

  10. alot of advertisers paid agloco for their service. millions of people supported agloco visiting the ads thereby generating big revenues. we can say, alot of money came in for agloco (and who would believe that they would get a small revenue with a million of users clicking ads?) . ok, they may reason that the revenue is not enough because of this and that, but who knows that 100% of the total revenue collected went to those hippy-dey-hippy-tat they say went in to? err in my opinion, one way or another agloco founders enjoyed the stream of money flowed during community’s tremendous growth… what makes this a scam? you lure people on one big promise thereby motivating people to start spending their valuable time working on it. and by the end of the day (agloco time) you would just say sorry we cant pay you yet because of this and that. in that way, people felt cheated (more painful word: jackass :S) imagine, one whole year of religiously inviting friends, etc etc etc spending time in agloco (that should have been for other oppotunities)… one way or another users lost…. and for all we know this is the agenda since the very start of the program :S

    another thing… good for the lawyers. they got paid.

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