AGloCo – Scam? Top 10 Points to Ponder

It is pretty evident that I support AGloCo in all its glory and have been pretty active in trying to grow the “community” before the Viewbar is actually released and some money made. I was very exited about the program and stuff, but I am beginning to get concerned about the delay in Viewbar release which has been pending some for sometime too much now. Their initial promise was that the viewbar will be released within the 2nd-16th April time frame. But all they can come up with yesterday is a lame “Being a Mac user….” excuse.I joined them sometime in early December, days after their launch. I have not built a massive refferal base like John Chow, but I have a modest 18 till date.

I am beginning to suspect this to be a masterminded money making scam of some sort. They do have a reputation and a past history of paying out money to its members. They must have had thousands of referrals till date and it is still growing. I think most initial referrals are not very active these days in recruiting members under them due to the delay in the viewbar. I had joined this program without really giving it a thought and started promoting them in some hope of making mony with it.
But I think its time to look into the whole thing again.

Agloco – A look inside.

  1. They have a really nice soothing green site with lots of “We protect your privacy” words all over them.
  2. They have a website that has 2006 copyright. Lame? Overlooked?
  3. Company blog is seldom comment answered by Brian. Not very soothing.
  4. They have a Partners page that has “still under negotiation with..” crap. If they are nearing launch, they should be celebrating new partnerships at this time to inspire more referrals
  5. They have a link to the company blog that was on blogspot? What sort of company would want their blog there?
  6. The company says that they are open and all that, but can you give me the address of their REAL BRICK & MORTAR Office? All we have to get in touch with them is a measly support address WTF!
  7. What sort of company leaves its TLDs to other people? .org, .net, .biz and everything else is registered by other members.
  8. Why can’t the company actually give us a date of the Viewbar launch? They say that the software is beta testing, but it can’t “talk” properly? The screenshot they provide looks pretty all done. But it has been that way for more than 5 months or more.
  9. I can’t find much papers on Hong Kong cyber laws on the internet. They say they are governed by laws in Hong Kong and all that. Is it because Hong Kong Cyber Laws are easier on cyber criminals?
  10. The signs of delaying things is definitely signs of a scam if you ask me. They are on the verge of releasing the viewbar and they are yet to tell us the fine print of the program.

I am beginning to get a little concerned here. I am not very sure if this is a legitimate money making program, but I am not sure if this is a scam as well. There are some really small points (points 1 to 5) and some bigger points(6-10). I am currently thinking of stopping promoting them in a big way, which anyways I never did, except for the banner on the right. What do you think about these points? If you got more, do share them. Hope everything turns out well as hoped and some real money is made through them.

Update (May 30th): Err…where is the Agloco viewbar? I am beginning to believe this is another of those scams again