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I have been using a broadband connection for the last few months. I am happy with the speeds I have been getting with my Airtel Broadband. Besides using it for emails, blogs, orkutting and other things. I was thinking about what to do with my unlimited connection. Here is what I use my Broadband connection for:



1. Online Radio: I hear a lot of radio online, mainly since I don’t prefer listening to the same mp3’s time and again. I usually hear trance, techno and hindi remixes. My search for the perfect internet radio player ended when I found the BoomBox Internet Radio. Though it came bundled with some spyware called SpinCasino, it is a very useful little program which helps you find the best radio stations streaming out there.


2. Online Games: What better way to while off some time with your high speed broadband, or to get off some frustration? I play games online which are usually strategy or arcade. Also I love the Stick figure games, here is a amazing stick figure game, can you get past the boss? I can!


3. Online Tv: Watch movies online, spend some time browsing YouTube, and you will find out 😉


4. Yahoo! Answers: Spend some time helping out people in trouble. I use Yahoo! Answers pretty regularly and I really enjoy spending my time helping out people. Why? They have a really good point rating system, which gives you recognition. Use your broadband for a good cause, once in a while! 😀


5. Surf Around: Well, where do you start? StumbleUpon is a great place to start finding sites that interest you. Be it in any category. Just download their toolbar and start browsing the internet, find loads of interesting articles and enhance your knowledge.


These are some of the things I do on the Internet with my broadband. What about you? Leave your comments.

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