Dell XPS M1330 comes home

This post is pretty late considering the fact that the the laptop came home on July 4th 2008. I was pretty much locked on to the DELL when I wanted to choose a laptop and the only problem was choosing the model I wanted. With the help of their Sales dudes, I zeroed in to Vostro 1400, Inspiron 1525 and the XPS M1330. And backed by dads assurances, I locked with the DELL XPS M1330.

The laptop came home on the first week of June and thankfully for the first time ever in my experience with Bluedart Couriers dropped in the package in the first attempt itself. Presenting my first laptop 🙂

Thank you Bluedart for not screwing up!!!


Rugged Bag to carry it in style(ishtyle).

First Look of my brand new XPS M1330!!!

Marble Keyboard, looks nice!


Do we need this? 🙂 Turned out I did!

The only downside I felt with this monster with its 3GB RAM, 2.00Ghz and 250HDD is that they did not provide a carry bag with it, even when I was ready to pay for it. The answer I got was that

Sorry, This is a premium model, so you don’t get one!!

Otherwise, this is a really nice laptop which weighs less than 2Kgs and has Vista(is adjustable! 😉 ) and is an eye catcher in any party. People for most part are amazed that dell can make such good looking laptops 😀

Once again, thank you blogging and you, yes you the reader for making this affordable for me!!!! Hopefully you will soon see a post about me buying a Mercedes, so keep checking back 😉

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