Desktop Blog Editors and Why you should use them!

Blogging from Desktop Blog Editors are something you should consider using for all your blogs as they take blogging to an all new level of productivity and time saving.Desktop Blog Editors are already used by a lot of bloggers and they tend to make things easier for a lot of people.

So, do you use a blog editor apart from the ones on your wordpress blogging platform? 🙂

Popular desktop based blogging softwares include Windows Live Writer, Post2Blog and some firefox based addons like performancing or flock browser based ones.

The possible advantages I can think about using these blog editors and tools are:

  • Offline Blogging – Feel like writing a poem while travelling?
  • Multiple Blogs – Got to post a job listing classified across your network of blogs? Check.
  • Kan yo Spella? – Desktop editors let you preview before you post. Avoid Mbrazmnts!
  • Images – Add color and thoughts to your posts. I usually forget them when using the default editor.

Do you currently use a blog editor? Do you have any practical difficulties to share other than your toddler unknowingly posting “ga-ga-blaaaging!!!” since it has no security? 🙂

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