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I have not been very successful with affliate programs in the web world, so I recently took up a affliate agency program with a bank here who pay per sale. I know it sounds pretty cheapass, but every penny of money counts and the way I am planning to make money is a mixture of online and offline marketing for the product. I am not really willing to let you know what the thing is, but its a banking product, but not insurance.

It payouts about 14$ per signup by a client and then another 14$ as he starts using the product. His expense is about 20$ a year. I found it easy to sell it since I am using it myself, and that most of my competitors on field as less than half competent than me and are far less likely to close a sale like me 😉 Not trying to be arrogant or anything, I think I have a small jackpot of easy money, not much, but just about enough to buy a Nokia or a Cannon soon 😀

Get in touch with me on Yahoo! to know what the fuss is all about! Me still in Mookambika, and these posts are timestamped…Oh God, I love this feature!

  1. hey Nomar! Yea, see ya on MSN 😉

    Logesh, yes, it is possible for you to do it too, just get in touch with me on yahoo or msn and will spill it out for ya 😉

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