FACT: TheAnand is not planing a Suicide.


Besides other things, suicide is illegal but once the crime is committed, the “criminal” cannot be punished! But no, I am not planning a suicide. Whoever searching for that bit of information will have to be disappointed for the moment. 😀 Seriously, who is it anyways? Own up now. You get 1000 brownie points and a embarrassing link back from my blog. 😉

Anand is going to suicide?

And that someone got it right by saying that the earth will loose a millionaire. but you forgot to add “future” to the phrase. The earth will loose a future millionaire, the Mercedes will loose a class customer and some real estate will loose some fat commission for the waterfront villa he was going to broker. And some girl is going to loose a lot of platinum jewelery, a whole lot of fun, laughter and a heart full of love if I die.

Its simply not economically feasible for me to die right now 😉 A lot of events of the future are dependent on mee!!!! <–!End of Shameless Self Promotion–>


Anand Subramanian Suicide. Not dead.

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