Google Chrome

Google Chrome finally has seen the light of the day. Google is really on its way to domination with this Chrome browser. I got the all new browser installed within hours of its launch yesterday. I was going through the videos on youtube and it answers a lot of things about the Google Chrome browser, its development and features.

Today most friends in Orkut started to mail me if chrome will beat firefox and IE (not a competition 😉 ), I was looking forward to see what this firefox killer has.

Some important questions include

Why is Google building the Chrome browser?

It seems that the browsers have not evolved as much as the internet has and google wants to help fuel browser features and improvements.

What different does Google Chrome have from other browsers?

Java Scripts are now faster on Google Chrome, which is something used in most sites online these days. Its light weight and every tab is a session in itself which is isolated from other tabs in the chrome browser. The interface was

What are the special features?

I noticed a “incognito window” which is something like a secure browser inside a browser which does not save any information about your browsing. I remember reading about this feature which was in one of the companies that google tookover recently.

What does Google Chrome mean for Firefox?

Now that google have a browser to play with on their own, why would they keep funding firefox about $57 billion a year to keep their top spot as the default search? I think it makes sense to sponsor a good browser as firefox and not go with another browser.

Google Chrome will be a headache for the designer in me as now I have to optimize my CSS for IE, Firefox and Chrome (if it clicks). But as far as Chrome vs. Firefox thing, I will not even compare these two without chrome getting some addons 🙂

Maybe with the launch they have beat IE8 already, but not firefox, Google Chrome is not there just yet 😉 So what do you think? My friends have had chrome crashes, chrome rendering problems and everything else. What is your chromic story? Best comment entry wins a dream trip to hawaai 🙂