How To Tell If a Website Is Down?


Friend: Hey dude , I see the red sign which means you are busy, but can you help?
Friend: BUZZ!!
You: Yea mate, tell me. (frustrated with the sudden interruption)
Friend: Check up this site hxxp:// , does it load for you?
You: Yea, it loads….
Friend: Thanks a ton man!
You: yea sure ….. (painfully figuring out where you were with your work…..)

If this has not happened to you, you do not have much techie friends on your chat list. The more you have, the more you are familiar with the situation. A website not loading can mean a lot of problems both on the server side and on your client side. Sometimes a ISP issue or a DNS issue can prevent the site not load on your website, but work perfectly on another.

This is where a site like into use. As the name suggests it helps you find out if your website is down for everyone or just you. There you go, now stop pestering your friends about it! 🙂

Do you use any other site for this purpose? I look forward to see it in my comments section.

  1. I don’t know how they are looking the site is up or down .
    Usually we do it by ping in cmd prompt . But that doesn’t guarantee it for there are certain cases that the page will not load although it pings .
    I have seen some cases like that .
    Also that was a great question by Rohit Nair 😉

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