In the spirit of Christmas!

Its the holiday week, I expect the traffic to dip on almost all the blogs and online shopping and even offline shopping to pick as CNN reports that a chunk of US citizens are not done with the X’Mas shopping yet!

And as for this blog and me, I might get back to regular blogging if I can call it regular in any way possible this weekend or so once I am through with the exams on the 29th. So far its pretty good except for the mathematics which I am hopeless with the only consolation of “Better Luck next time!”. The others were much to my surprise pretty easy. Now all I hope is that the examiner does not correct my papers thinking about his ex-girlfriend who ruined his life!

Merry Christmas and I might hopefully be back again to wish you a new year later in the week! Thats a good idea for a post…. “In the dawn of a new year…” hmm, blogging a inspiration for more blogging? 🙂

Have a blast people, not literally though.

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The King Returns with Insane FREE hosting

The King Returns with Insane FREE hosting