IT professionals and body pain

Computer professionals working in the IT industries are often heard complaining about stiff joints and aches in different parts of their body. The main reason behind this is that they lead a sedentary lifestyle with minimal physical activity. Body pain is extremely uncomfortable and can hamper your daily activities to a great extent. If you spent the major part of your day working with the computer and are suffering from body ache try yoga for relief. Yoga is an ancient therapy that originated in India thousands of years back and it concentrates on healing the mind and body. Want to know about yoga for computer professionals? Read along.

A really simple yoga for computer professionals is the cat pose that is also known as the Bidalasana. Kneel down with your four limbs on the floor. Look down at the floor with your back flat and horizontal. Form an arch with the back while inhaling and sag your shoulder in and then come back to original extension while exhaling. If you find it difficult to perform this, place a mat under your knees. This asana will keep your energies in balance and align your body from the center. Perform this exercise about 15 times and you will be relieved of overall body pain.

Another important yoga for computer professionals is the bow pose or the dhanurasana. Lie on your stomach on the floor. Next you will have to bend your knees and bring the heels near your back. Then you will have to reach back with your hands and grasp the ankles. Hold the position as long as you can breathe normally. This position will aid in opening up your chest and taking fuller breathes. Full breaths deliver more oxygen to the body cells and this will make the cells healthier and capable of fighting off body pain.

Modern day living can cause a number of problems like the power yoga exercises and a stressed up life. In case you had to go for a regular health check up or a Nuclear Stress Test you would find that your heart has really been adversely affected due to the health issues.

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