Just Realized: Stray Dogs Need to be Protected!

Stray dogs need to be protected, for the better of poor bike riders like me. 🙁

You should probably know by now that I am not a biker as such. Bikes for me are just point A to B transport hardware. 🙂 Yesterday me and my friend were going out shopping small time when a stupid stray dog jumped into the wheels of the bike and me took off much like Superman to the road and in the process scratching my left hand pretty badly and my legs my friend has 2 brake light sized scratches on his knees 🙁

Means I cannot type much, write either(I am a lefty) or even walk properly and the whole body feels like hell. My blogging plans for January are already down the drain. I am lagging on some important time sensitive posts already, but can’t really help doing anything about it.

After all this, the bike requires about Rs. 2000 of repairs and I have no idea why I crashed, the speed was low, the brakes were working, I didn’t run over the dog, still I fell!!! Hope this post gets noted by some NGO or GO for that matter and hope they do something about the stray dogs in my city of Cochin! Already mosquitoes and drunken fools are chasing away the tourists, now the dogs too?

And the good news? The dog is safe! 😛 It just went off yelping.

Image credits: Javeja