Make Money With Affiliate Programs

make-money-with-affiliatesSince my last post on my recent earnings from affiliate marketing, a few of my close friends asked me about affiliate marketing and how to make money from affiliate programs.

Making money with Affiliate Programs is easy and returns are way better than adsense. Adsense pays you per click where as affiliate marketing is all about CPA (Cost Per Action), which means you get paid when a visit clicks to the advertiser page and completes an action. The action be buying something, filling up a form or signing up to a service.

There are a lot of companies that are into affiliate marketing and a few which are worth signing up from my personal experience are

I have not been accepted into many top affiliate programs because its hard for Indians to get into one of these networks. Also, its best to stick with one or two networks that work best so that you do not get confused. I am not sure if Adsense can be replaced with money from Affiliate sales/conversions as it really depends on testing them. If you have a site which performs well with adsense, looking at the ads that run on them should give you an idea why people click on them. If it is a product based site, amazon products might bring in some extra bucks your way.

You can also make money with affiliate programs of popular services, like if you refer friends to survery sites or sites like that. if you do not mind spamming friends 😉 I will try to cover some of the ways I make money with affiliate marketing soon.

  1. what happens when 90 percent of your traffic is from india and your target audience are indians……….in such cases western affiliate programs won’t work well and indian affiliate networks do not pay well also…… you have any idea (any indian ad or affiliate network) to suggest from your experience?

    1. Indian traffic is yet to mature and hence there are not much people who pay for leads from India. Indian Affiliate programs I am a part of include dgm-pro and some others…but I do not even log in to them these days because their payout per action is less than what I make with per click on adsense. 🙂

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