Make money with your blog in 10 Steps: Part 2

Taking off from my first part on making money from a blog in 10 steps, this part deals with the various monetization options available for your blog.

Step 5. Getting Recognized: This can be tricky and difficult, I am facing some difficulty in this as well. The point is to get maximum people know you, who you are as a blogger and as a person. If you have a look at my first post, I never really knew what to do with a blog, what to post and on what niche to concentrate. But these days I know the purpose, to make myself some money? yes, in a way, to post content related to the Internet, technology and gadgets and my views about them. I am not claiming that everyone reading this blog will make money like John Chow, but I will share tips that helped me make some money on the net. It may help you too.

Coming back to the topic of getting recognized in the “make money” sense means to get some authority for your blog, a Google PageRank, a useless but important Alexa Ranking, Technorati Rankings and back links are some of the factors used to judge your reach and recognition on the blogosphere.

Step 6. Ad Monetization: Google Adsense is every bloggers first step towards monetization, the easiest way. Sign up and place their code, get some clicks and get the paycheck. Sounds Easy? Well, its not! Frankly, I am not expecting my adsense check sometime in the next one year. This led me to explore some other options for monetization.

Step 7. Paid Posts: This is one of the biggest options and the best money making options available for your blog. If you have a page rank already, its a good way to make some extra dollars. The basic idea is to find a publisher and blog about them with a link and make some greens! đŸ˜€

PayPerPost: They are my favorite and the first program I have used. brought me some nice greens in the first month. Its as simple as signing up, finding an oppurtunites in relation with your blog, blog about it and get the money in 30 days of posting it! Yea, its simple. Earlier they used to take almost a week to approve my posts, but now they approve it in 2-3 days at max.

LoudLaunch: Another PayPerPost with a nice design! They usually take 3 months to approve a blog. Duh! Serious. But the payment is faster than PPP. I have not used them yet, but am approved. đŸ˜€

SponsoredReviews: This is a new player. While on the other two, the advertiser has no control over who takes the oppurtunity, this one needs each publisher to be approved before taking a opportunity. Nice for the advertiser, but not easy for the publisher. I have requested for some, they are in pending approval status. and this one has some good advertisers than the others.

Blogitive: I did this post on 07-May, with my power blogger tip, that I am using these days. But I got a mail yesterday, ie 08-May, that my blog has been accepted into the program. Have not got the time to review it yet. More updates and a post on paid blogging comming soon.

Step 8. Link Sales: This can fetch you some recurring money every month. I have not explored this one, since I am yet to get a decent PagrRank which is very much required to make some money off Link Sales. You can use some reputed companies like TLA to sell some ads, also directly sell them yourself at some busy forums like DigitalPoint, WebmastersHideout.

Step 9. Aff. Sales/Commisions: This is also a good money maker, if your blog is pinpoint on a niche, like cellphones. You can sell related stuff like accessories, covers and other things. I never use this since I think not many of my contacts online and offline use the internet for purchases. But the payouts are very good and can be more than 50% of the product value in some cases. The place to start with would be Clickbank.

Step 10. Keep your eyes on the blogosphere! This means reading the blogs of some veteran bloggers like Shoemoney, Problogger, Copyblogger, JohnChow and other big name bloggers. Do share your favourite blogs in the comments section.

This is the end of my first small series on making money making money online. How did I do? Do add your views on the comments. Did I help you find some money making ideas?

  1. Wow, those are some great tips! I’ve used PPP as an advertiser and have an account for one of my blogs. I haven’t heard of the other ones and will take a look. Great info!

  2. Actually I have been searching for this kind of article…being a beginner in active blogginf I found this article really really useful…
    Can you say in a sentence what is the most important thing to popularize one’s blog

    1. I think there is no one thing to do …..there are a lot of things one can do like guest blogging, link exchanges, commenting and much more to make a blog popular

  3. I was using a blogspot subdomain, but now moved to wordpress and got a .in domain. I might thank you for this post. I’m gonna give payperpost a try.

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