Making Money and College!

Usually most parents want their kids to go to college, get good grades, join some multinational gaint and earn money. My parents are no different, they want me to get great grades and work to make money. But I say different, I want to make money, not earn it!

Looking for some inspiration got me to a recent post in Mashable about Web Entrepreneurs who either dropped out of college and missed it all together! This gave some more inspiration not to study, but to learn things. 😈 I am learning web coding soon and try my hand on making some cool money, if I do fail on that, I can always sell my skills to earn money like everyone else does!

But my grandparents had a tough time convincing me that I will not find a bride. Who will want to marry a guy who never works, sits around the house like a furniture, reading blogs, writing blogs, doing weird things and getting money in the bank account each month! God knows, are you into international money laundering? 😆 In turn, I am having a tougher time telling them that people ar willing to pay me for posting on the blog about them , the Google PR, worth of linkbacks and other things ❗

So, what have you faced being a full time blogger? How many of you are actually bloggers, or as my grandparents say, lying furnitures in the house? :mrgreen:

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