Money Online: How To Guide

Since my last post about my May earnings, I have been getting a lot of mails to help people to make money online. I am more than willing to help everyone out, since I believe internet is a great place for everyone to become independent and live free. So I simply point them to my blog, give them links to my main helpful posts:

But then everyone wants someone to help them out. No one is interested in reading anything, but they want to make money on the internet, thats all. But will those people make money? I doubt it. Making money on the internet is not easy to say the least. Its almost like starting your own business, you struggle, try hard, find clients and once you have a set of clients who give you work regularly, then you have a regular stream of income.

But before you start, you need to find out what you can sell. What are you good at? Programming? Writing? Designing? Researching? Maintaining sites? Anything that the web development community needs. There are people with no skills whatsoever making $1000+ a month creating sites with scripts developing them and selling them at a profit. The only thing that matters is that you find those opportunities and use them to your advantage. For that you need a place where the whole community of webmasters and others come together. I will post more about where you can find them in the next post. Do leave your comments on this.

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