Mosquito Menace: Battle Of Cochin

Earlier I had written about the war against mosquitoes. As I said, the mosquitoes have grown immune to the mp3 mosquito irritate-tor also! But since the life must go on and on, humans have devised more methods to get rid of these irritating pests. One of the methods that is getting increasingly popular here is the mosquito bat. It looks like a shuttle bat which has a electric net in it, you can switch it and – zap! Kill all those blood drinking bastards!


This is the new age solution for getting rid of mosquitoes. I bought this bat from the local electronic store yesterday. the results are pretty impressive too. My only problem using this is the smell of burnt mosquitoes, but hey that is more bearable than the mosquito itself! It is fun to see those pests getting trapped in nets and electrocuted to death. Sounds pretty horrible, eh? Hope there is no “Society for Prevention of Cruelty against Mosquitoes”, else I would be behind bars!

Maybe days of good sleep are back after all. 🙂

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