Music to Boost Productivity?

Music does wonders to all of us. But can it help in boosting our productivity? I had sometime back stumbled upon on some article where the author said that jazz is the best companion for the freelance writer. Unfortunately I did not note the URL or the specifics of the article.

But since the start of this week, I have been trying out almost every variety of music out there and test my productivity with it. I initially started of with my own site which had some common genres of radio stations online. I hate playing music on the system since it limits the type of music you can listen to.

First off was our own musical bollywood. I got fedup by the time it was playing thw 8th song. I was humming to the music which put productivity on the south side of the graph.

Then I moved on to Last.FM which is by far my favourite music player online. They have possibly every music out there and you do not have to choose the songs either. Just say jazz and it plays it. Say hip-hop and it hops on hippily.

After testing out everything from tabla, world music, desi DJ to Hip-hop, persian, classic rock, rap and chillout lounge. I finally decided that Progressive Trance is the right music for me. Its got a decent collection of music, no lyrics and its progressive.

Many people claim that music help them get into the groove of things, or cut out external noise (like mom asking you to go to the mart) or simply have some company. Do you listen to music while you work/blog/code?

I am tagging BloggingTips, TheWeblogZone, SlamBlogger, DatMoney, LinkersblogTheUniversityKid and all you readers on this topic so that we can know what music is best for blogging! What do you shake your leg to? Or do you?

  1. Progressive Trance seems to be the best while working.

    I’m much into R&B too. Love slow jams and rhythmic punches including Omarion, Chris Brown and the like.

    And, I jam HEAVY METAL/ROCK right into my ears, whenever I get pissed off !!

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