New Money Making Oppurtunities Update

I am enjoying blogging so much that at times I forget that my aim is to make money online! But I find blogging to be a very fun thing to do and a nice way to socialize with the world. Here is my current update on my money making missions.

1. Content Writing: This is by far the most profitable for this blog. I write a few articles for some clients who do not wish to be named. The usual payment ranges anything between $2.00 per 100 words to $8 for 300 words. I do plan to continue this mode of earning for some time to come. The opportunities come from a wide range of sites, like the DigitalPoint forums, freelance writing sites and a few personal friends online. Now you know where I make money writing! πŸ˜‰

2. PayPerPost: This is a close runner-up to becoming my top earner for months to come. This is the poor mans ReviewMe, if you ask me. While JohnChow mints out 3 digit earnings for each post, I am earning typically around $5-$15 from each payperpost post. I do plan to do these reviews every 5 days, provided the opportunity is nice and related to the theme I love and enjoy and of course is related to the blog. So you will not find any loan or credit card related posts here till the time I am totally broke and need some money soon πŸ˜‰ They seem to take about 5 days to review a post and 30 days to pay via paypal. A bit slow, I agree, but they do have quality standards which is nice. I will get my first payment from them in 2 weeks from now.

3. Forum Posting: I am planning not to do these anymore until anyone pays me about 0.50 per post, which of course is very much too much! These type of earnings usually pay out about 0.08 to 0.15 max. per post and have about 15-20 posts as the payout limit. My experience was good with these type of earnings, but the problem I faced was the amount of time it took for each project. I was trying to give in some value to the client, hence spent time researching about topics before I started posting. Still a good source of revenue for those having nothing else to do and do not mind posting for some cash.

4. Contests: This is my favorite, but saved it for the last since I am yet to earn something from this mode. I am currently taking part in many competitions around the blogosphere including JohnChows Zune MP3 player. Though not a regular source of income, it will help in occasional bursts of income and get you some linklove too!

5. New Services: I am fairly new to this. But from what I learn, it is a good business to start a new service, develop it and sell it off to some big player. Though it is a bit time consuming and all that, it can be compared to real estate developers offline πŸ™‚ The profits are good. But as said earlier, I am new to this and am yet to make anything out of this mode of earning also.

Hope my update was good, I hope to tell you about more oppurtunities online soon, as soon as I find them profitable and good. Please leave your comments on this post.