Orkut Tip – Unban a member

The other day I was banned from my company community on Orkut due to some misunderstanding with the owner. When the issue was solved, the owner was at a loss on how to unban me and get me back to the community. After gooogling for a while I found this important post in Devil’s Workshop which helped me for get into the group again.

Here are steps to unban a banned member!

1. Right click on any link (profile, scarpbook, etc) related to that banned person.

2. Press “Copy Link Location” (in firefox) or “Copy shortcut” in IE or similar option in ur browser!

3. Paste clipboard content in notepad! (or any text-editor)

4. Take only “uid” part!

i.e. for link

uid is 1510452029319129018

5. Now copy following link to the notepad.


6. Replace COMM_ID by ur community id.

7. Replace USER_ID by above uid. (that u got in step 4)

8. Don’t put any space between address of step 5 while editing in step 6 & 7.

9. Open this edited address in ur browser. (ofc ourse after logging into orkut)

10. You will get all options related to member management. Just press “unban from community”.

This problem got me thinking, why is Google not providing a easy user-access for member management? I am not a Orkut Community owner, but am a moderator of a few communities. It is insane to do the above steps to unban a member everytime, where has the days of user-friendliness gone?