Powerscrap Fruad Scam and Orkuts new Feature Embaressment.

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If you are a regular user of Orkut you will find out that they have added a new friends update feature which shows what your friends have added to their profile. This is a very useful feature which I liked a lot in Hi5. But it can be a reason for embarrassment too as I recently discovered my friends interest in hot videos :-))

TheAnand’s SEO/web development blog from Cochin analyses the Orkut friends update feature

On the other hand, I decided to use this feature to its max. I am changing my webpage to different sites everyday in a bid to let everyone know about my sites and hence some free advertisements too! 😈

I recently created a site for myself and friends for orkut html codes which allows them to copy-paste codes for cool pictures on their site. It was then that a friend suggested a site called Powerscrap (I don’t want to bother linking to them, google ’em). To use that site, one had to use the orkut login in that site. So as a curious cat as always, I keyed in my login and checked it out. After a few days when I viewed my profile, it had changed my webpage to their sites name. I was spooked out, since if they can do this, they can login to my google account too! I immediately changed my google password and my adsense password. I would like to caution all orkut users not to use Powerscrap (power-crap) or any other site which requires your login credentials. Believe me, last thing you want is to be locked out of your own account, esp. if you have an Adsense account!

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