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This is a review of PayPerPost. I have been thinking of writing about them sometime soon, but since they are paying me for writing about them, I decided to take this opportunity to tell you about PPP. I have been using PPP on my blog for the last one month. The experience is great, since it is all about self-service. Login, find a opportunity that interests you, blog about it, tell them and after 30 days you get paid! I am yet to receive my first money from them, I am all excited. It is a very cool way to make some extra bucks.

Currently I am blogging paid posts in like once in 5 posts or so, since I don’t want to annoy my very few readers. But even then, it pays me about 5$ a post, usually about 100 words. If you are looking for monetization options for your blog and for blog advertising, I very much recommend PayPerPost. f you are looking to join, be sure to jump start your earnings by reviewing one of my posts. You get 7.50, so do I. So feel free to use my ref. id.

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