PHP Emerges the Best Web Programming Lang.

Last week I was talking about the preferred web programming language for building Web Applications and the best to learn amongst PHP, ASP and JSP. Most of the readers commented that PHP is perfect for me. I did a few searches and found that it is true.

Here is what I conclude:

ASP is the preferred language of most VB developers, as is very related to the desktop programming language. Also it will be very easy to sell your skills if you are good with ASP. A simple search with Monster Job Search will tell you this. At the time of searching for jobs, I found 2228 openings for ASP and just 668 for PHP.

JSP is platform independent and not very popular. But is very secure and stuff, but not many I know use it. So not much to be venturing into a field where there are total strangers right?

PHP is the ultimate choice of most web programmers even though it is less secure than the others I mentioned mainly due to its openness and a great community that revolves around it. Most CMSs are made using it and its easy to learn it and you get great support and is platform independent.

So the clear winner and my learning option is PHP. I am going to get my feet wet with PHP and try to learn the language totally and fully. Some sites I found to start with PHP are W3Schools and Tizag. Both have excellent tutorials and there are probably more than a thousand communities that will give me support if I hit a wall ever!

So, how many of you are ready to learn PHP with me? I am pretty lazy, I do things better if there is someone with me!

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  1. Good choice! I would recommend picking up a book that covers the major aspects of PHP from start to finish, building on concepts as you progress. It would probably be a lot easier to learn that way than by using online tutorials.

    1. Yup, I got myself a book today, a book that covers php, mysql and apache together. I am in the process of installing the softs now. Have you seen Tizag? Their tuts are pretty easy and down to earth, which makes me wonder if apps can be built with concepts this easy! lolz. thanks for the tip derek

  2. All the best with it 😀

    I suggest you learn from a good book rather than a website. So head off to crossword, or if you want some good ebooks, contact me anytime. 😎

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