PHP vs. Asp. vs. Jsp

As you might know, I am trying to leverage my skills online, trying to make money off the internet. The internet is continously evolving, from a simple way to communicate between two computers, it has gone a long way. Heck, some are even trying to scrap it off!

I started off my web life with HTML, a basic and easy programming language if it can be called so. I started of making sites off it just for the fun sake of it, with some photoshop tricks to make it look nice. But I got busy with studies for some years and when I got back, the net had moved forward and become more than just Internet as I knew it pre 2000’s.

Now I am trying to learn a coding language for the internet. I have three choices to decide on. PHP, ASP or JSP? Doess anyone know anything better or comparable to these? I also would like your comments on these languages. Talking about languages, how about Chinese? 😀 Just kidding!

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