Power Blogger Tip!

I found this new idea for power blogging last month, and I wanted to test it before I let you know if it really works or not. When I started blogging some time back, I usually sit for some time and think about the topic to blog and research about it and then blog about it. a very time consuming process, right? My initial target was a blog post every 3 days. But I could not reach that target with this type of process being followed.

If you can see my archive for the previous months, April was the highest with 19 posts, the highest all time for my blog. How? I followed the tip of veteran bloggers like ProBlogger, JohnChow and others. I started using the future post option in wordpress. Pretty useful thing, it helps you schedule a blog entry for the future. Using this tool, I was able to post many entries in a single time and publish them in the future. That means I get more time to think about blog ideas then sit researching about it. and as the time goes, you will be able to find out new topics to blog about the moment you login to the dashboard! This entry was written on 1st May 😉

To create future posts, just create the post and other things as usual and just before you click the publish button, look for Post Timestamp tool on the right side bar of the post page. Just tick the “Edit Timestamp” option and then hit publish. Thats it!


But obviously this will not work out for a news blog or a breaking news blog. For the others, this is a very must-use tool. To edit the post, or to see the post schedule, go to the dashboard. Hope you will find this post as useful as I found it to be. Enjoy your future posts!

  1. yeah – I do this in ‘Blogger’ too- they call it ‘draft’, it’s always handy to have some posts ready to go especially if you want to do a few paid posts and need something to go between…

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