Trivandrum to Cochin on Rajdhani Express

Rajdhani Express - Trivandrum to Cochin
Rajdhani Express - Trivandrum to Cochin

I finally travelled the ultimate luxury of trains in India! I have been travelling in trains for quite a long time as I was in the hostel at Rani Public School which is about 6 hrs on train from Cochin. Last month I got this really great chance to travel from Trivandrum to Cochin on the Queen of all trains in India – the Rajdhani Express

The train which is bi-weekly and beats timings of every other mode of travel to Cochin including the flight. It literally never stops after leaving Trivandrum at 19.15 and reaches Cochin by 22.30. I say it beats the flights too since it reaches the heart of Cochin in 3.15 hrs. Try the flight now to reach the same place. 😉

And the fare is about 10 times the normal fare at about INR 480/- including the 3-course dinner for the night. The trian definitly the best of suspensions in trains out there and speed is barely felt inside the train. Pure silence and luxury is what Rajadhani is all about.

The dinner for the night was complete with the initial soup till the ice-cream in the end. No, it did not totally suck and was way better than the stuff you normally get on trains.

And it seems the train has some kind of a deal with Airtel, the telecom giant of India. The entire train was plastered with Airtel ads all over. On the outside, boards inside and even on the toilet!!!

So, have you been on the Rajdhani before? How was the experience? What other travel do you suggest me to try out now? 😀

  1. Flight will cost you arnd 3.5 and 1.30 hours time (no guarantee, plus or minus 1 hr )

    If you want to save time flight is a better option, if there are no delays that is.

    Interestingly, have you noticed that the curtains etc are in “dying soon” condition? With the kind of revenue they are making, I see no reason not to mend them and keep them in good condition.

    But that will not make you feel you are on Indial Railways may be 😉

    Good post.

  2. @ Mani, I think the Trivandrum airport is about 30 minutes from the city and Cochin Airport is another 45 minutes. Combining that with the total travel time, I think train is indeed a better option!

    Laloo is busy turning the balance sheets of the Railways by simply overloading the freight carriages and heard that there is a side middle berth being introduced in phases!!!

    Yea, I think without all that blue color tones and dying soon stuff, railways will look so not-indian! 😉

  3. Tara, the train runs from Trivendrum on Tue,Thu and Fri. To book a ticket, your date of journey should be one of these days. The train number will be 2431 and class will be any one of 1st AC, 2nd AC or 3rd AC.
    Happy Journey!!

  4. I travelled on shatabdi Jan 2010 from Delhi to Amritsar (My first travel on Indian trains) I was pleased with the staff trying to please passengers and the amount of food is served in short journey time of about 5.5 hours. Its like none stop feeding frenzy but no where to empty your self (the state of toilets, If you go to toilets every thing goes up instead of down and out) could not park my back side as there was no toilet seat or toilet tissues.
    Whats the toilets like on Rajdhani.

  5. panessar ur right its totally a foody train..but as u said toilets totally hell.. and the staff they dont even show u the menu what they r goin to serve…anyway its always a good experience.. coz i travel a lot on asr delhi route on shatabdi..

  6. Please take care of toilets cleanliness , because it is a horrible experience in 12425& 12526. Both time not a single washroom was clean, flush knobs we’re not working, very true to say washroom s we’re worst then publicone.
    Myself is a railway employee, but regret to mention that we are far behind from foreign country railways regarding their cleanliness facilities.
    Pls, pls, do have an eye on it, we have OBHS staff but not a single person was there to take care of it .

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