Trivandrum to Cochin on Rajdhani Express

Rajdhani Express - Trivandrum to Cochin
Rajdhani Express - Trivandrum to Cochin

I finally travelled the ultimate luxury of trains in India! I have been travelling in trains for quite a long time as I was in the hostel at Rani Public School which is about 6 hrs on train from Cochin. Last month I got this really great chance to travel from Trivandrum to Cochin on the Queen of all trains in India – the Rajdhani Express

The train which is bi-weekly and beats timings of every other mode of travel to Cochin including the flight. It literally never stops after leaving Trivandrum at 19.15 and reaches Cochin by 22.30. I say it beats the flights too since it reaches the heart of Cochin in 3.15 hrs. Try the flight now to reach the same place. 😉

And the fare is about 10 times the normal fare at about INR 480/- including the 3-course dinner for the night. The trian definitly the best of suspensions in trains out there and speed is barely felt inside the train. Pure silence and luxury is what Rajadhani is all about.

The dinner for the night was complete with the initial soup till the ice-cream in the end. No, it did not totally suck and was way better than the stuff you normally get on trains.

And it seems the train has some kind of a deal with Airtel, the telecom giant of India. The entire train was plastered with Airtel ads all over. On the outside, boards inside and even on the toilet!!!

So, have you been on the Rajdhani before? How was the experience? What other travel do you suggest me to try out now? 😀