Review My Blog and get a FREE review!

After looking at many contests running in the blogosphere, I decided to host a review contest on my own. Since I am not in a position of give away money for the reviews, I decided to make the contest mutually beneficial to both of us. Here is what I propose to do.

You review my blog in about 150 words, link to this post and to my blog homepage using any keyword you can think of. I will return the favour and link to you using the keyword you want me to link to. And if your blog is worth more than a simple linkback, I might as well add you to my currently empty Blogroll. 🙂

Last week, I did a post about Technorati fave exchange too. I had amazing results with that post, about 7 faves catapulted my blog to about 3,00,000 ranks upwards! So if this can have such a positive effect on my blog, then it can do a lot more for you! As you know Technorati rankings are important while trying to monetizing any blog. So I extend my Technorati Fave Train to you, fave my blog and I will fave yours! No frills attached!

So, are you Game?