Should You Blog?

should_i_blogAfter the first 60 minutes of meeting anyone up, I would ask them to blog. I keep meeting up a whole diverse set of people including Martial Arts teachers, working professionals and college students. Everyone asks “Why should I blog?“.

Even if you are a nobody today online or offline, you have to get your own domain and put up at least a resume on it!

But what do I blog about?!

Anything, are you a martial arts kickass’er? Put up pictures of your poses and write about the advantages of kicking ass and all that. A working professional? Write about your job profile. A php programmer? Put up a post each time you solve an error on php. Its a knowledgebase for you and helpful content for other programmers out there. An entrepreneur? Put up posts on how to get started, what are the legal troubles you went through in your industry. Anything! Housewife? Experiments in the kitchen, raising kids and “How to change a baby’s diaper” videos! You get the idea?

A blog is your identity, a piece of you online that that one can log on. Even if you end up loosing that job of yours, you have enough stuff on your blog that would make your next employer proud! If you have a community of loving people around your blog, you might become what Matt Cutts is to Google. A spokesperson of the corporate, the online face of your company. The possibilities are endless.

The current evolution of the Internet as I see it is – You. You are the brand online, its not companies, but individuals like you. You 2.0

So, blog up!  (Barney Stinson Style)

  1. I couldn’t have put it better myself. Glad to have come across your blog, its going on my favs list 🙂

    Gona link to your post from my site, thanks fo sharing

  2. A blog satisfies you ego, if you have one. Those who dont have a image online today, Google your name. Then start a blog and then Google your name. You will be amazed and glad!

    I had written an article entitled ‘Who should blog’ some time back. Thought its worth sharing here…


  3. Hey coool info Haan .

    Well i would like to add more
    “Blogging is an art to express yourself
    on internet i couldnt find much better medium for it ”

    Meaning of a blog differ from people to people,i use it to document my explorations.

  4. Did you write this after our meetup? I’m pretty sure you did coz you did bring up Matt Cutts during our discussion.

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