Social Media and ROI


If you are a Social Media Consultant in a country like mine, you would have probably heard this one a lot.

What is the ROI I can expect from this campaign?

Will having a Facebook community help my business?

This post is in a lot of ways the expression of my inner feelings to my wannabe clients and would-have-been clients about the ROI in Social Media.

If you are someone who already has a business, you might have gone to a lot of meetings and conferences where literlly nothing was discussed. You had a secret agenda, you wanted to meet people, tell them about your company and keep your face alive in their minds so that the first things that comes into their mind when they think about your business will be your smiling face.

It is pretty much the same thing you do online with your business. According to recent statistics by some reputed agencies peg that 4% of the Indian population is online. Doesn’t make sense to sell to just 4% eh? Imagine being the first person to sell Aspirin. How easy was his job? He just had to go out there and say “Headache? Here we have this…” and the deal was probably closed. These days is selling a particular brand of Aspirin easy?

By the time you wait for the market to mature and for the mass population to get online. Guess what? You missed the train. You will be this person who came out of the closet in 2009 and said “Hey, I found this thing which can keep your food items cool. . . .

Social Media is as simple as it gets. In a perfect world, it would be something like this:

  • Listen
  • Engage

And Social Media Marketing ROI….well, how do you judge ROI from a casual conversation over tea with someone? I plan to cover some more topics of Social Media and ROI in my upcoming posts to not only increase awareness amongst offline businesses but also to give myself a vent from being not able to engage in such long conversations offline 🙂