Someday is not a day of the week

Believe it or not, I never relied extensively on my browsers’ dictionary to spell the word – entrepreneurship until recently when I started to fill up my profiles on the web. As with everyone, with frequent usage I learnt the word without having to wait for the wavy red underline.

Someday is not a day of the week.

I have been meaning to update this blog “someday soon”. “Procrastination”  is the word I learnt. It was true. “Someday” never came over the past few months and this blog sat around ignored by its own author. While there are stats about how many blogs are started every hour, there has to be a similarly surprising numbers of blogs which just hang around stagnant.

Writing is hard work enough, but writing frequently is harder! Discipline is something I never had in my daily routine, so its difficult to be a disciplined blogger! Once my own frequent commitment to the blog died, procrastination has been keeping me away from even logging into my WordPress dashboard to approve a few comments!

So, here goes, a post which is probably pointless to most of you, but makes a point to my own soul that procrastination will not stop me from putting away my blogging priorities any more!

If you are were a blogger, let me know why you quit and what is that one thing that will get you back to blogging?

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