StumbleCult: Get free 25 Credits!

StumbleCult the upcoming stumble helper for webmasters is now going strong and registrations are coming by the day. To celebrate the popularity, we are now giving away free credits to everyone, this excludes the free 10 credits you already get when you signup! The only requirement in order to win the credits is to blog about the cult and send in a email to them. This as they say in the blog is a win-win situation for both the cult and its members since more active the cult becomes, more traffic we get to your sites.

Also last weekend we announced a new feature which will allow you to insert your blogs URL to the system and let us automatically add links from the blog as soon as you post and assign credits to them. This will mean that less time spent on marketing your links to the masses! So, Are you a part of the StumbleCult yet?

P.S: Though a part of StumbleCult, guess I have to post this to get my free credits! 😀

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