Thank You: TheAnands’ 2500 Strong!

I do not have words (being a blogger, its ironic!), but am really really thankful to each of you 2500 subscribers of my Blog. Its an emotional feeling to have been blogging for about 4 years now and being able to make a ton of friends online and meeting up offline through barcamps, blogcamps and smaller events like the CochinBloggers meetup and tweetups.

If you are a part of our community, please do get in touch with me at Yahoo!/MSN (getanand321) or by email and I will be happy to be your friend and support your initiatives online.You can also find me online at the following places, add me up and lets get aquainted!

Also, join my new facebook page and show your support to TheAnand! Thank you! (*bows*)

  1. I have a smaller version of that on my blog after the post. I should try adding the email form as such.

    btw, In Feedblitz, (the newsletter that I use), you cannot access the email address of the subscribers before they confirm. Thats one drawback 🙁

  2. I started off on Feedblitz, now cant move back. Over 75% of my readers are via email, if I move, I will have to start from groud zero now..

    A dedicated service has some advantages though:

    You have already read that 😛

    Feedblitz has lots of option, which I have never used. But its good to know that there are options.

    One more advantage: Even if Feedburner closes down some day, I will have a good share of my readers 🙂

    That day will never come, I know.. 😛

  3. to begin with… say thank u to ben… he is a genius otherwise ur whole site is a mix of shit and crap(well they mean the same that makes u a shit shit.. sorry ur site a shit shit) ..

    well u know why this whole thing is a crap
    1) in ur about me (should have been us) u started of praising ananda extreme talent but then all of a sudden u werereddening ur own a##…… dude get a life..

    2) most of the articles(plagiarism is the word kiddo) are not yours…. whats with ya brain.. stop watching youporn and other crap websites.. get a life and get real…. if u cant do that check out ya frnd kenny jacobs profile .. he is a genius.. useful and inetersting guy with the right state of mind……. u are just a … good for nothing “F”ing trap

    3)not just u but even ur frnds(the close knit ones) force ppl to subscribe to ur ws.. which really makes u a hero…..

    4)i wasted two hours expecting something to creep up good and what i got was trash.. utter trash…’

    now about getting back at me..u cant 🙂 and ya there is one advice i could be suggestve about and that would be to “SHUT UP”

  4. Oh! Hey thoughtprovoker !!
    First, Thanks for mentioning me in you comment… !! I’m honored !!

    I think you got into the wrong place… Totally… because.. You entered a TA bombing range where people who like to talk face-to-face gathers !! 😀
    catch your first bomb, you dick head !

  5. LOL…

    dude, i think this ‘thought provoker’ is one of your close friends..may be some one from ayurz..may be Ben itself 😛 😀 disguised

    btw. mr thoughtprovoker…nice language. it was thought provoking and im deeply inspired! wow!! ^:)^

    Anand, whats the IP of this thought provoker guy;)

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