TheAnand is on the Small Screen

Yesterday was the day of MoviCamp at Technopark here at Trivandrum. In the morning the popular director, Mr. Hari Kumar addressed us, the set of amatuer cinema dudes to teach us about how movies are made and what the usual technical jargons in the movie industry are.

He explained how the director should have an exact idea about what shots are planned for each scene in the entire movie and how he can explain the same to the cameraman and the actors. It was really enlightening, as for me, I am no movie buff, but I do watch them once in a while. This camp taught me the massive work that goes behind a movie of 2hrs or so. And what do we do? Just clap our hands and hoot if applicable? πŸ˜‰

In the afternoon it was a practical session of what was taught in the morning. The group was divided in 3, and were to complete a movie by evening. I was amazed at the raw talent in the group, within an hr, the script, the theme and the dialogs was ready!!! And I, thanks to my fair skin tone, got to debut on my first movie!! It should possibly be out in Amvizone and YouTube soon this week after its edited and dubbed.

Learning Camera placements with Hands On help from Mr. Hari Kumar

How was the shot sire? πŸ™‚

Dead Man !

I really enjoyed the day and all I can say is watchout Will Smith and Jim Carrey, Watchout!!! Here I come! πŸ˜‰ lol