Weirdest Search Terms for a Web Design/SEO blog!

While you have nothing apart to do online, I usually engage myself in my sites stats which usually make no sense like our stock markets 😀 One set of stats I always keep an eye out for is my search engine keyword traffic. One one side, its a good SEO practice to write information on stuff people are looking for, on the other hand its a sneaking up into what people use to find my site 😎

I have this really nice plugin called Search Meter for WordPress which shows you what people are searching for in your wordpress blog. I find it amusing to see what people search for in my site. Here is a screenshot of one of the best parts:

Anand’s SEO blog Search Details, Sex in cochin, quit smoking and other hilarious search terms ever!

Dang you people, what are these terms like “Sania Mirza Photo” and other not so mentionable terms doing on a Webmaster blog? On the brighter side, some people are interested in knowing that I quit smoking recently! Thats good news, right? So people, next time you search on my blog, just remember that the Big Bro 😈 is watching

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Get your Own Edu Blogs and Links For Free

Get your Own Edu Blogs and Links For Free