Who is a Internet Marketer?

You know how arranged weddings in India are, the whole family resume is important when you are getting married! My brother for whom a bride is being searched at the moment has put my professional life in the spotlight.

What do you do?

I am an Internet Marketing Consultant.

Usually the conversation thread stops right there because most of the time the person asking has no idea what the hell my job profile is! While its amusing to see that priceless expression, I decided to answer it on my blog anyway 🙂

Define: The Internet Marketer

An internet marketer to me is someone who

  1. can drive traffic using the internet and digital means. Search Engines, paid ads or Social Media, its all about the traffic.
  2. ability to convert that traffic into leads. By leads, it can be a sale, a newsletter signup or even a click on your Adsense.

That’s pretty much what I mean when I say “I am an Internet Marketing Consultant“. 🙂 If you are into the internet commerce like me, what do you tell your family about your job profile?