Who is a Internet Marketer?

You know how arranged weddings in India are, the whole family resume is important when you are getting married! My brother for whom a bride is being searched at the moment has put my professional life in the spotlight.

What do you do?

I am an Internet Marketing Consultant.

Usually the conversation thread stops right there because most of the time the person asking has no idea what the hell my job profile is! While its amusing to see that priceless expression, I decided to answer it on my blog anyway 🙂

Define: The Internet Marketer

An internet marketer to me is someone who

  1. can drive traffic using the internet and digital means. Search Engines, paid ads or Social Media, its all about the traffic.
  2. ability to convert that traffic into leads. By leads, it can be a sale, a newsletter signup or even a click on your Adsense.

That’s pretty much what I mean when I say “I am an Internet Marketing Consultant“. 🙂 If you are into the internet commerce like me, what do you tell your family about your job profile?

  1. But I can’t agree you 100% dude. Consider me as an independent individual.
    I might hire an Internet Marketing Consultant like you, not to drive some traffic to my website… I believe there is no use for that.
    But I’m hiring you to push my product/service or myself into the individuals on internet.. Thats how the term “Marketing” should work.
    It is possible to generate some USELESS traffic on a website, But that is not meet the ultimate goal of the client. He is not buying some traffic from you, he needs your help to find his targeted audience/clients.

    An internet Marketing Consultant should be a market watcher/researcher who is apt in finding his clients audience or clients.

    1. @Ben Jacob, Yes, definitely right. He is not buying traffic from me. But, I think you missed the second point….both are equally important to an internet marketer.

      “ability to convert that traffic into leads.”

      As you said, USELESS traffic is not going to make sales/leads/traffic for the client…so its important to drive the traffic from the right sources to the landing page.

      We can talk all day about the various internet marketing strategies, but this post was intended to explain my profession to non-techies 🙂

  2. lol.. interesting topic.. keeping aside the details about the role of an Internet marketer, I would share a small anecdote here..

    just before my marriage, some of my in laws did some research on their own about SEO after having heard that SEO is a major part of my job and came to conclusion that I am a milder version of Hacker who specializes in hacking Google…

  3. This is something I am struggling with to Anand! Telling people what I do to make money! You gave a good explanation, but.. dont know.. it is still not that clear 😛

    I think the best is to set up a company and tell them you own a online business, and give them your company url to check out theirselves 🙂

  4. I liked that fact/quote about arranged marriage 🙂 The whole family resume matters…

    I would go with Ben on the definition of your job title. You are someone who help market my products and services, not someone who help individual site owners drive traffic and convert them.

  5. I’m a 16 yr old IM. Very true, the westerns are 99% clueless. And the Indians our people are absolutely clueless…
    They will just ask:
    Which company you work for?
    Nothin entreprenurial

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