Yahoo! is sure going somewhere!

Yahoo! MakeoversI wish I had some cash to buy Yahoo! Stocks now! They have been seriously busy since they launched the all new Yahoo! Mail beta sometime back. I track Yahoo! very religiously since I love Yahoo! as a responsible corporation. I was one of those who did not want to see a Micro-hoo! 😉

Recently Yahoo! started off its makeover spree with the all new Yahoo! homepage. It is only being phased into for international users yet, so your next bet at a perfect homepage is My Yahoo! which also recently went through a facelift. I fell in love at first look with the ability to add tabs and page tabs to organize your stuff.

Then they comeout with the all new Yahoo! Messenger 9. Which is all about communication online. It lists my recent updates from Yahoo! Buzz, Mybloglog, and Twitter updates, and has a new feature called the pingbox and more! It has a sleek interface with cues taken from Gtalk, but made more pleasing on the eyes and it has purple skins too 😉

Then they turn their attention to their massive news portal which gets more than 44 million pageviews a month, the Yahoo! News now gets a. . .you guessed it right, a makeover! It was a refreshing change for the geeks like us who are lazy to even watch TV for the news 🙂 It helped me scan the latest in news and get back to blogging.

I was recently looking for a way to syncronize my calender when Yahoo! listened to me with their all new Calender tool. Yea, I am using this word a bit too much! Last week Yahoo! Calenders got a facelift with new features like mobile device sync and more.

So, makeovers and rebranding of the Index Tools to Yahoo! Web Analytics. And finally today the old pointless, useless and everything else of Yahoo!, the profiles get a makeover too. Yahoo! Profiles were perhaps the most unused feature of Yahoo! Now they have a snazzy profile page and a snazzy Yahoo 360 page too.

I wonder if Yahoo! is pulling itself together for the new age of users and they have been successful with their Answers too. So, which services of Yahoo! do you use? I always wondered if its right to keep all your data with Google one company alone, maybe it helps in data shared applications, but having my adsense and orkut with Google is like letting them know everything about me?

Will you move your data to Yahoo! ?

  1. I think so nomar….its almost half the price it was in its 52 weeks…maybe it will go another 10% down or so….then it shud go up…..they seem to be doing a lot of things that will benefit them in the future.

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